Hangin' Five.

You may have noticed that the scarves on my website aren't quite ready! I wanted to say sorry to anyone waiting with baited breath for cashmere and explain the hold up.

After a year working on our company Eager & Vane with my sisters and now going out on my own, I've finally realised that the silk trade is a crazy bitch!  I liken it to being in a tiny boat bobbing on the ocean, you just have to see which way the current takes you. It can be amazingly fun and challenging working with companies and mills  overseas and sometimes it can be a full-on "hands up in the air" storm out frustration. More of the former thankfully!

I have a few beautiful people helping me across India, who with love and kindness treat my product like their own and with finger crossed, the high standard of silk, cashmere and digital textile printing will be here before winter to keep you cosy and looking seriously stylist.



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